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Shoes & Boots

Spiderman Child
Includes: Jumpsuit and hood mask. **Shoes not included**

Captain America Child
Includes: Jumpsuit w/muscle torso and arms, headpiece.

Howling at the Moon
Includes: Mask, shirt with attached fur.

Michael Myers
Includes: Coveralls and knife. Available in large only. **Mask and shoes not included**

Muscle Chest Green lantern child
Eyemask, muscle chest jumpsuit w/light up logo and attached boottops.

Gorilla Child
Includes: Bodysuit with feet covers, hands and mask. Available in large only.

Tin Man Child
Includes: Jumpsuit with padded chest and headpiece. **Heart clock, axe and shoes not included**

Cowardly Lion
Includes: Jumpsuit with attached tail and headpiece with collar. **Boots not included**

Includes: Shirt, pants, hat and headpiece. **Boots not included**

Hippie Boy
Includes: Vest with attached shirt, bellbottom pants. **Wig, headband, jewelry, glasses, flower and sandals not included**

High Seas Buccaneer Boy
Includes: Shirt with attached vest, pants, belt, bandana, boot tops and hat. **Sword not included**

Superman Boy
Includes: Jumpsuit with muscle chest and attached boot tops, cape, belt.

Batman Boy
Includes: Jumpsuit with muscle chest and attached boot tops, cape, belt and headpiece.

Delta Force
Includes: Pants, shirt, vest and hat. **Boots not included**

Native American Boy
Includes: Pants, shirt, headpiece. **Peace pipe and boots not included**

Police Officer
Includes: Jacket, pants and hat. **Utility belt, baton and shoes not included**

Zorro Child
Includes: Muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape, belt, eye mask and hat. **Sword not included**

Power Ranger Red
Includes: Jumpsuit with muscle torso and character mask **Toy weapon not included**

Grim Reaper Child
Includes: Robe with oversize hood/large flared sleeves and skull mask. **Boots and sickle not included**

Horror Robe Child
Includes: Robe with attached hood and removable face cover. **Boots and sickle not included**

Gangster Boy
Includes: Jacket. pants. dickey with attached tie.

Leaping Leopard


Tiger Tot